1. Our escorts will only make provisions to visit you at your premises; either it would be your private apartments or hotel / motel.

2. We do not entertain pick-ups or allow our escorts to be sent or driven back at the office or place of the escort’s residence. This is to maintain the discretion of the escort unless otherwise arranged by the escort agency in advance.

3. Please treat your escorts with respect and dignity, as she should be accorded as the talented and valuable person attempting to do her job well. Please don’t ask your escort to do anything abusive or treat her in an inhumane manner.4. We don’t list our escort on the website fully for discrete reason. We maintain total privacy and discretion, for our escort ladies, clientele and management. Even if they are listed on the website, we do not display their faces to a World Wide Web page. Hope you understand as discretion is of utmost importance to Cosmopolitan Entertainment & Model Promos.

5. Our escorts are requested to supply regular health certification in order to remain with us. We insist that the measure of safety health standard be adhered both by our clients and escorts; otherwise we shall not be committed to be of service to you and liable for any inconvenience caused.

6. Do have the correct money ready, if payment made by cash, before your escort arrives, as she may not be able to make change for you. Otherwise, the booking is cancelled and you have to pay for the cancellation fee of SGD$100 without fail.

7. Don’t leave temptation around. Do keep your valuables in a safe place before the arrival of the escort. Remember the escort is a stranger. The Agency shall not be responsible and be accountable for any losses incurred in this matter as you have to be pre-notified on this.

8. Please furnish the escort agency with your name, location and contact number. Mockery of details and information will not be entertained and we shall not be held responsible for your frustrations for not serving you and you will be blacklisted and not served in the near future.9. Do not do or bring any drugs or do anything illegal when using our escort services on making an appointment with our escorts or try to influence our escort ladies with illegal stuffs. We shall report you to the relevant authorities regarding this matter.

10. Do not ask the escort to turn on their cam or camera or even turn on yours. This will be a violation of our agency privacy policy and as well for our escorts. The agency reserves the right to protect the identities of our escorts whenever we deem fit.

11. Do not discuss money for any illegal activities. The money you exchanged is for time and companionship only. Anything else that may take place is a personal decision between consenting adults of legal age and not contracted for.

12. Do ask questions if you are unsure about something. It is better to know in advance what to expect prior to meeting than be surprised later and embarrassed.13. Do not loan any money or give any money to the escort to purchase you something or provide personal favours that would hurt your ego and become a liability than an asset to you when booking our escorts or develop a relationship with them without our knowledge. The Agency shall not take responsibility for such arrangements.

14. There will be a surcharge of SGD$30 for services after midnight. (E.g If the total services cost SGD$400, please add an additional SGD$30; that is a total of SGD$430.)- only valid and applied after 12 am.

15. Please note that solicitation of sexual services for money is illegal in Singapore and that the services we provide are not illicit promises for sex. Any sexual activity that you and your escort of choice engage in, is purely at your own discretion as two consensual adults and it is an offence to engage such activities with a minor or anyone under the legal age of 18, which is an offence and chargeable by the Singapore Law.

16. In the event if you are dissatisfied with the escort ladies sent to you, you’ll be given a grace period of 10 minutes to decide. If you prefer another female companion, please pay a cancellation fee of SDG$50.00 to the escort in attendant and we will accommodate you with another escort companion. However once you agree to remain with your chosen escort date and paid her upfront, the decision will be final and we shall not be liable for any dissatisfaction or unhappiness arising afterwards.

17. A nice, romantic nice environment where people can easily enjoy spending time together is what our escorts love and what they’re used to. Please consider this point when booking your hotel or your residence. Thank you!

18. We assure you of the discretion of Escort and our escort ladies. We handle all your personal data with absolute confidentiality. Our ladies have committed themselves to discretion by the contract they’ve signed with us. We use your data only for the booking process and for reservations we might have to place. Our ladies get only the data they need for their meeting with you.19. We will understand if it proves necessary to cancel an appointment We kindly ask you to inform us at least 24h in advance before the begin of your preplanned date in the case of a change of date or cancellation. If any appointment is canceled less than 24 hours in advance, we shall bill you 30% of the remuneration fees preciously agreed upon to compensate the escort lady for her work stoppage.

20. Fake bookings are rude and disrespectful toward Cosmopolitan Entertainment and especially toward our escort ladies. Placing a fake booking excludes you from any future bookings with us and you will be blacklisted also.

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